The Tribal Sound is Going to Mississippi to Break off Poverty

Date Given: June 16, 2019

Keith Pierce – The Lord so spoke to me standing down on that floor. He said, “The sounds that you’re hearing is for Mississippi.” And he said, “All they’re asking you to do, is strike it three times.” He said, “Fulfill your obligations with the one that you’re going to see.” Then hit it! The fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh, the eighth and you will see poverty break over Mississippi. And you will see the South shift, in Jesus name! Hit it again! The Lord said, “Don’t take for granted the obedience to the structure, but pass the structure is my order for the day.” I want you to hit it, hit it, and hit it one more time, and then hit it again.

Leanne Squire – ♪ Structures are tumbling ♪ Mighty in power ♪

Keevy Phillips- The Lord says to you Chuck, that this you have the tribal anointing for the state of Mississippi. The Lord says, “As you know that the Chickasaw originated in Mississippi in the Memphis, Tennessee area.” But the Lord says, “Now is the time for that tribal anointing that you and your brother and Penny K carry to break Mississippi finally out of poverty and break that sound out of that state.” Lord, we bless him and we bless his feet as he carries that tribal anointing and when you hit it, you hit it hard. You let that Chickasaw blood hit it hard. You strike that river. For the Lord says there’s a structure over that river that has caused poverty to come up through that land and block my sound. But the Lord says today, “Strike that river!” “Strike that river,” says the Lord!

Keith Pierce – Now if you’re going with Chuck, if you’re going with Chuck to Mississippi, run right out here. Chuck Pierce – Judah is coming to Mississippi!

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