The Vault of Heaven Is Open

Voices: Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: December 18, 2022

LeAnn Squier – And I hear the Lord saying, “The vault is open. The vault is open.”

Chuck Pierce – He said it yesterday. LeAnn – Vault is open. Chuck – I heard it yesterday. Shout this out. God said that yesterday morning to me, “I am opening a vault. Get ready and get ready to go into it and get what you need.”

LeAnn Squier – And what you’ve seen just this morning is the gold. That is the gold. That is the gold. It’s not the riches of the world, it’s the riches of the kingdom. And this thing has come forth out of the vault. And so, Lord, we just declare the vault is open. The treasures that you have placed within are beginning to come out. We say there’s a wealth, and there’s a flow that the earth cannot even know or understand or perceive or acknowledge but they will. Lord God, we just say, let the vault be fully open. Let the flow go and let it go, and let it flow. And let us see the gold that you have put in your people this hour, Lord God. This hour, Lord God, we partner with You. We’ve sustained momentum. We sustain momentum. We sustain momentum. This hour as we partner with You, we hold not back. We hold not back. We hold not back as we partner with You this hour.

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