The Voice of the Walls in the Halls and Corridors Is Changing

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Jessica Rana
Date Given: September 27, 2020

Jessica Rana – Speaking in the Spirit.

Chuck Pierce – I say to you, corridors and halls are about to change. Get ready for when you walk down a hall, you must speak to that hall. When you walk down a corridor you must say, walls are about to shift. I say the walls that have been speaking from the corridors and halls will now begin to change their voice. I say it is my people that must decree a change in the voice of the walls and corridors and the halls of the places that need to shift. And I say to you, I must have a people that embrace My word, not just hear My word. I say the day of just hearing is not today, for I say faith comes by hearing and I must see faith expressed.

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