The Warfront is Changing

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Marty Cassady
Date Given: April 11, 2020

– Chuck Pierce – We are coming into times of warfare and again the front has changed. It’s Cyber Terrorism, it’s Economic Terrorism, but it’s Bioterrorism. We have to learn how to win, we need to find our boundaries, find them in new ways and find them quickly and so just submit but don’t come into agreement with things that are taking advantage of your freedom.

Marty Cassady – I heard the Lord say earlier today I am coming as the God of war. I am coming as the God of war and I’m gonna stretch out My mighty right arm and I’m gonna do things that will so astound you. I’m gonna move you, each of you into a supernatural realm that you’ve not known before and I was burdened.

Chuck Pierce – Just like Isaac.

Marty Cassady – Yes, I was burdened this morning, when we were talking about giving and receiving and my mind went to all of those and some of you are watching and you’ve lived paycheck to paycheck and your credit card is maxed out. I wanna tell you something that the Lord told me in clarity, when we were getting ready to go into Y2K at the 2000. In 1999 I began to pray and I said, “Lord, what’s it gonna look like “and what are you gonna say to me?” I’m saying this to you. I’m also reminding you that God is coming as a God of war with a mighty outstretched right arm to accomplish what you need accomplish. Here’s what he said to me, write it down. He said, speak to the need as if it exists and it will.

So Lord, right now we take those words from all those years ago and we say, “loose them with Your power “and with Your mighty out stretch, right arm. “Lord, take us into such a supernatural realm “that everyone around us will know that God has come down, “that God is on the war path “and He will vanquish our enemies.”

Chuck Pierce – Now remember once they crossed over, He revealed Himself first as Healer. The next thing he revealed himself as was Jehovah-Nissi, the one who covers you in war and performs miracles on your behalf.

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