The Wind Is Blowing in Indiana

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: October 22, 2023

Chuck Pierce – Decree right now, the cornfields of Indiana are beginning to blow. The cornfields of Indiana are beginning to grow and every hidden dimension of the enemy in selves will be exposed. I say because the wind is blowing in Indiana.

Keith Pierce – Jesus, Jesus. He said, “I brought you here for such a time as this.” There is a crystal sea that is flowing in both of y’all eyes. There’s a hunger for heaven to be brought down on this Earth and He said, “Indiana, I am opening a portal to receive My will that My will will be done. But you will see healing. You will see the manifestation of healing and My gift flow through those cornfields and the corn will begin to pop in a new way and the eyes of My heart will be on Indiana.” In Jesus’ name.

Chuck Pierce – And the Lord says, “Don’t let the popping in Indiana confuse you. There will be much popping going on in days ahead, but know this, I have a sonic boom that I’m gonna bring forth.

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