There Is a Stirring of War

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: August 30, 2020

Chuck Pierce – There comes a time for war, Ecclesiastes chapter three says. There is a stirring of war throughout the lands. I’m going to say it again. There is a stirring of war throughout the lands. Ready, my people. War means conflict.

Keith Pierce – You know, there’s another part of what you released. And the Lord just spoke to me and the Lord said, truly, look and see that the locusts are climbing the wall to make ready, their run around the city. However, I am the God of Israel who has set the fire watches in place and have put my trumpeters in their place as well. You will see, hear and understand the blazing of the fire, when the trumpet sounds it’s sound. I have called the trumpeter to stand ready, willing to release, but yet I have not prompted the blowing of the air. As the locusts have gathered, and they’ve seen consuming I am now at the point of saying blow, blow, blow. Because when the sound of the trumpet is released, the night fires will crudely increase, but it will be such an interruption in the heavens that truly it will blow the locusts off their posts and replace My people on theirs, in My Holy name.

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