There Is Revival on Death Row and in the Strip Club

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Linda Heidler, Rebecca Royce
Date Given: December 26, 2021

Linda Heidler – Well, over Christmas, Robert and I went down to Cleveland, Texas, where Lindy and Russell live to spend Christmas with them and Russell is a prison chaplain and he asked if we would like to go on Christmas Eve and minister in the service that the prisoners were gonna have and inside I said, “Lord, I don’t really wanna do that on Christmas Eve.” And He said, “Oh, so you don’t wanna go visit the prisoners?” And I said, “I didn’t mean it.” You know when the Lord calls you on something that you, there’s no getting out of it. And so I said, “Well, I guess I do wanna go and visit the prisoners.” It was, I can’t describe it. When we first walked onto the prison grounds, Robert turned to me, said, “Did you feel the that?” And I didn’t, but he said, “I just got hit by a wave of the Holy Spirit.” And he said, “The further in we get, I just keep getting hit by wave.” He said, “The Spirit of God is here.”

So we went in and this was the first big corporate chapel service they’ve been able to have in two years because of COVID. They had over 250 men who attended and they had to turn others away because they didn’t have room for ’em. They have men, I can’t remember what they call ’em, but they’re prisoner chaplains. They have an official name. These men have been through seminary in prison. They’ve gotten their degrees and they minister in the prison and they’ve evidently been doing an effective job. From the first song that they sang, it was like this place erupted in praise to God. It was so heartfelt. It was so like all in, we are praising God. And we just got everything from gospel to black to Hispanic to hymns. We just got the whole realm of worship and all of it was just like over-the-top worship coming from these men. And so we each got to share a word with them and then the assistant warden who, the warden wasn’t there, so this was the next highest man at the prison, he got up and he began to share and he’s a man of deep faith and he said, “You’ve all heard what’s happening over on,” and he named this specific place. What it was was death row. He said, “You’ve all heard what’s happening over on death row.” He said, “Look at these pictures.” It was of men in handcuffs getting baptized ’cause they’d received the Lord.

In November they had what they called a Kairos Weekend. I wasn’t familiar with it. Some of you may know what that is, but it’s a weekend where they present the Lord and where you encounter the Lord. Now none of these men on death row can leave their cells so everything they were just hearing through their cells, but there was, thank you. There was an open area where the prisoners could sit and the men could hear and there was initially one group, one pod of 18 men who have said, “We are men of faith.” So those were the ones that this was being presented to. If you weren’t a man of faith, then it wasn’t being directly presented to you and you were not going to receive ministry from these ministers. So they would present and then any men who wanted to, one of the ministers could go and stand outside their cell and these are not cells with bars, they have doors, so it’s like you’re talking to ’em through a door. But there were pods on either side of this faith-based pod that could hear what was going on and since that time, another 18 men have either made professions or they have committed their lives to the Lord.

And since that weekend, they have woken up every morning and begun to sing, these men, at the top of their lungs, singing songs, singing, praising God and they will go on for a couple of hours praising God. And so they started sending these prison chaplains down their worship team and they will go and lead the men and exhort them and share the word with them. They are having revival down on death row, except they have stopped calling it death row. They have started calling it life row because they’ve said we have come into eternal life. We are experiencing life every day! I will never be the same. I almost missed what God had for me on Christmas Eve because I wanted to stay home and be with my family on Christmas Eve and He had something better for me than that. Timra was able to go with us and she released a love-of-Jesus life rap to those guys on death row and they went crazy with it. That’s something that will penetrate into them and they will not forget those words. But thank you God for your indescribable gift.

Chuck Pierce -Wow, let’s just thank the Lord, just thank Him Thank Him. Rebecca.

Rebecca Royce – Well, as most of you know, Cuc and I helped put the toy drive for the women in the strip club for the kids and almost 200 kids got gifts. Every woman from the club got prophesied and prayed over and four got saved. Yeah. And we got a lot of messages. The leader of the group got a lot of messages and one of them said, “Thank you again for blessing my children. It feels good that I didn’t have to use my body or my looks for money to buy gifts for my kids. It’s really true, God puts the right people in your life at the right time.” And another thing that happened when we went into the club the last night, we went into a circle. One of the girls said, “I can’t open my jaw.” She had lock jaw and so we gathered as a group and prayed and the Lord healed her. She’s like, “Oh my God, I can feel, I can open my mouth.” And one of the other girls was standing next to Cuc and Cuc began to talk to her and she saw the miracle, the girl saw the miracle and she said, “I wanna get saved.” They got saved in the strip club.

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