There’s a Divine Exchange in the Change

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Ed Watts
Date Given: October 25, 2020

Ed Watts – I saw war mantle and I’m like, Where do I get a war mantle? So I googled army and navy supplies store and I saw a war mantle fall. Can we put this down here? I saw a war mantle fall on the altar and the Lord. Has sent me with quarters, nickels and dimes, forty. He said you are in the middle of forty years of change but you’re coming into the season of great change. And He says, “I’m pouring out great change”. Can I pour it on the mantle?

Chuck Pierce – Yeah.

Ed Watts – Pour it right there. I’m pouring out great change upon the earth. I’m pouring out great change. And if you’ll walk through the change, there’s a divine exchange in the change. I’ll roll away the reproach off your blood. There’s a divine exchange in the change. And the Lord says I’ll even cause you over the next 20 years to dance in the change. This will not be a sorrowful change. But if you embrace the change that you’ll even dance in the change says the Lord.

Chuck Pierce – Wow.

– Wow.

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