I’m Making Room for You

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Michelle Hadley, Shatece McLeod, Tiffany Smith
Date Given: February 24, 2019

Shatece McLeod – (Speaking in the Spirit)

Chuck Pierce – Wow. Now just listen carefully for the revelation God’s speaking to you right now.

Tiffany Smith – ♪ Spirit to spirit. Deep calls to deep. Deep calls to deep. Oh, we’re never gonna be satisfied, until we hear a word from heaven. Oh, deep is calling to deep. Deep is calling to deep ♪

Chuck Pierce – And I say to you, “I’m making a new room for you. I’m clearing out some things. I’m remodeling where you are going to stand in days ahead. I am enlarging your space. I am doing this inside of you. For things inside of you that have been clouding and creeping in; I’m beginning to move those out.” And I say, “I will make room for me inside of you then I’ll make room for you in the place I’m calling you to be.” I say, “This is a week of making room. So watch as I make room for you.”

Michelle Hadley – ♪ When I hear the Lord say,  “I’m clearing out the stones, from that ancient well, that I placed on the inside of you. And I’m gonna make room. I’m making room, for that deep well, that deep, that deep water that I place on the inside of you. It’s gonna begin to bubble up. It’s gonna begin to rush up. It’s gonna begin to bubble up. It’s gonna begin to rush up. Until it turns into a gusher ♪

Chuck Pierce – For I say, “You haven’t tasted the sweetness that I am about to send to you.” I say, “There’s a taste you’ve not known and it’s deep down within you and I am pushing my taste up into your buds,” saith the Lord. “And once my taste comes in your buds you’ll begin to grow a crop that has never been grown before.” I say, “Watch me push, push up and taste and see my goodness.”

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