This Will Be a Hurling Season

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips
Date Given: May 13, 2020

Chuck Pierce – And I keep seeing these balls of gunky death that the enemy keeps throwing at people and it’s like this sugary coat that goes all over you and weights you down and the Lord said, but I’m gonna give balls of light and fire and when it starts coming at you, let it rise up. This will be a hurling season, a hurling season. Get ready. My people are about to hurl some things back at the enemy.

Keevy Phillips – Psalms 75 in the passion, Carol Boren sent me this. And verse five says, this is God’s response. “Why are you speaking such stubborn pride? “Don’t dare raise your fist against Me,’ says the Lord.” The Lord is saying it’s as the enemy throws these things at you, he throws fear. He throws unbelief. He throws this timid, this passivity at you. You say to him, how dare you raise your fist to me, a son or a daughter of God. I am not gonna take this any more. We are not gonna start our day. This is the watch of the beginning of the day. We are not gonna start our day in fear. Let faith arise in your spirit. Listen to Me, America. Let faith arise in your spirit. Listen to Me, Mr. Trump. Let faith rise in your spirit and decree like the king of God God is calling you to be, says the Lord.

Chuck Pierce – And I see something else. There’s this confederation forming that’s trying to pull this nation into three parts. And I say, there is a strategy that God is saying. You watch it, now, and you address it and those confederations to the west and to the east, I decree right now, this nation is one nation under God. Wherever you’re at out there, wherever you’re watching, you’ve been set in time under a portal of revelation. And the Lord’s saying, you make decrees to your city. You make decrees to your industry. You make decrees to your families, to your neighborhood. You make decrees to your government. I say I am ready to set a new order and the enemy has a nation in a tug-of-war and is trying to pull it apart in three ways.

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