This Will Be a Psalm 23 Season

Voices: Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier, Linda Heidler
Date Given: January 10, 2021

Linda Heidler – The Lord says, “This is a season where you’re going to, “you’re going to come into the reality “of what it means to walk through the valley “of the shadow of death.” And He said, “It’s important to remember what I’ve said. “I said, don’t be afraid. “I am with you in it. “Your path of righteousness is taking you that way. “You haven’t gotten off your path, “this is the way you are to walk in this season. “You’re going to learn the reality “of what it means for My rod and My staff to comfort you.” We don’t think of a rod and a staff as being very comforting. He said, “You’re gonna learn the reality “of what that means.” And He said, “You will also experience the reality “of what it means to feast; to have Me set a feast “for you in the presence of your enemies, “and for your cup to overflow, “and for a new anointing to come on your head. “And at the end of this season, you’ll say, “‘Even though we walked through the valley “‘of the shadow of death, goodness and mercy “‘have followed me and pursued me, “‘and will continue to do so all the days of my life, “‘and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.'”

LeAnn Squier – ♪ ‘Cause this is a war for faith ♪ ♪ This is a war for faith ♪ ♪ And will you stand ♪ ♪ And will you stand and see ♪ ♪ What your God has done on your behalf ♪ ♪ Will you stand and see ♪

Chuck Pierce – Now so far, we’ve had two psalms that keep coming forth: Psalms 46 and Psalms 23. I don’t want us to just rush past this. We’re in very interesting times right now. They’re both warfare psalms. We get a little confused with Psalms 23, so I want you to read it out loud this week. “The Lord is my shepherd,” my Rohi. He causes me to see the path I need to walk on. That’s what that word means, Rohi. It’s a prophetic word. He causes you to see and shepherds you on your cycle. What Psalms 23 is about is you coming into your next place of prosperity. And it’s about moving from cycle to cycle, chagag. It’s linked with the feast, moving into the next feast, so that you keep going, no matter what the enemy tries to do to stop you. Say out loud, “There’s another feast ahead.”

Chuck Pierce – The next thing we’ll be doing is firstfruits next week. You want to keep moving in time. That’s what Psalms 23 is about, moving in time. And even though you are having to walk past all sorts of death structures, He already has set a table for you to feast at. Put your hand on yourself and say, “Lord, keep me in time.”

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