Trade Your Worst for the Lord’s Best

Voices: Josh Black, Keevy Phillips
Date Given: October 9, 2022

Josh Black – Speaking in Toungues

Keevy Phillips – And the Lord will say to you that the dam that’s been in your spirit has been blocked, and you have created layers upon layers of blockades in your spirit. Where I have desired your spirit to flow like a river of living water, you have hidden things from Me not knowing I have already seen what you have hidden from Me, says the Lord. I hid nothing from you. I gave you My best, says the Lord. Give Me your worst and trade it in for My best this hour, says the Lord. Hide not those things that you have dammed off in your spirit for many people need the gifts and the talents that are inside of you this hour, says the Lord. Let the river flow in your heart, says the Lord. And water the pastures I have placed you in. There is nothing hidden in My sight, says the Lord. Change in, exchange in your worst and give Me your best this hour, says the Lord.

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