Triumph Through the Conflict of the Next 14 Days

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Shatece McLeod
Date Given: April 16, 2020

Chuck Pierce – And I say, do not look at the conflict that invades your atmosphere, for it is the separating of good and evil. I say now! Conflict for the next 14 days will begin to invade, but I say to you, I am bringing a people through to rule the atmosphere. I say, get ready, for now is the beginning of an era of change, more than the world has seen!

Keevy Phillips – For even now the Lord says, “Egypt and Pharaoh is mounting up one more attempt”, but the Lord says, “I have already trumped the offense,” says the Lord, “Know this day, even if you hear “the horses of Pharoah’s chariots riding after you, “know this day I have come down “and I have already defeated them,” says the Lord. “Rise up and cross over out of fear,” says the Lord. “Rise up and cross over into faith,” says the Spirit of the Lord. “Yes, you hear the chariots of Pharaoh rising, “but know I am riding on a horse and I’m comin’ down “with my sword,” says the Lord. “I’m coming to do war and I never have lost, “even though you hear chariots.” “I am the God and I answer by fire.” “I am answering today,” says the Lord.

Shatece McLeod – Speaking in the Spirit

Chuck Pierce – I say to you now, Revelation is beginning to flow. It’s cutting through my people. Did you think I would leave you? And did you think I would leave you where you were? Controlled and formed by the world around you. I say, I had to bring you out. And now Revelation is coming. Revelation is coming. Revelation is coming. New ideas will come. New ways of being birthed. The new of My day is now coming forth and present truth will come out of My people’s mouth, like a sword, to cut the way.

Chuck Pierce – I loved what James was singing. He came for us to prosper. Now I wanna say that again, because look what’s going on around the highest unemployment we’ve had since 1967 in America, the strongest economy in the world. Think about what is happening worldwide. Do you think the Lord would leave us desolate? You need to shout no.

There is a divine shift coming in these next 30 days. Don’t let the conflict of the next 14 turn you out from keeping your eyes on the next 30. Don’t grow comfortable in agreeing with poverty that is trying to creep in. I say to ya, don’t get used to stompin’ in mud pits, when I’ve got gold for you to walk on. Decree right now, you’re gettin’ up and the only thing you’re gonna stomp on is the head of the enemy.

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