Unmask the Voice of God in Hawaii, Maine, and California

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: October 10, 2021

Keith Pierce – You know the Lord just showed me something. And, I want everybody to put your hand over your mouth. Here’s the thing, we were so trained to put on mask. That God is saying, unmask yourself today. But, it’s more than taking off a little mask. He’s taking off that facade that you have used as a protect device to keep you secure in this world. But, alienated you from the worship of God. Today, is the day God said, remove the mask, remove the facade, and worship Me in a new way. Bring forth the voice of praise, the voice of worship. Make it loud, and make it proud. And, don’t be quiet for Zion’s sake anymore. Now, rip off your mask and lift up a shout. To, the King of king’s. To, the King of king’s. Let the King of king’s, worship Him.

Chuck Pierce – We say to Hawaii, take your mask off. We say to Maine, take your mask off.

Keith Pierce – And, California.

Chuck Pierce – We speak and we say, let the sound of God’s people be heard.

Keith Pierce – And, California be deceived no more. There’s a shaking that is coming to you in a way that you least expect it. Be aware, and lift up a shout for the King is in your field today.

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