Vision Is Becoming Clear So Step Through the Open Door

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Tracey Liggett
Date Given: October 17, 2021

Chuck Pierce – Just let the instruments prophesy.

Tracey Liggett – Chuck was talking about the change and the winds of change. This week, when I filmed in the garden, there was a really violent wind going through the garden as the season was changing. And I watched this butterfly, it was clinging to this flower. It was being whipped around just really violently and it never let go. And what I heard the Lord saying in it is the adversity that that butterfly faced when it came out of the cocoon, prepared it for those winds of change. And I hear Him saying, don’t resist the adversity, don’t resist the storm. I have called you to stand in it, to stand firm and to hold, hold your ground and stand your ground because you will be the catalyst that creates that change. I will cause you to be that catalyst that creates that change. And that changes the direction of that storm. So stand firm and hold your ground and don’t resist the adversity.

Chuck Pierce – Wow. See, you got to remember, you step into the adversity and therefore you overpower your adversary. Father, we say right now, we’re stepping in, in a way. Now, I’m gonna prophesy what the instruments were saying. And then one of our Judah leaders can write a song to go with it. It was so clear, and notice the progression all the way from the percussion into the violin, and then the whole orchestra coming together.

And the Lord says, I am knocking and knocking. And I say to you, you are opening. And when you open this time, you won’t continue to stand behind the door, but you will step out into the place that I tell you to step out into. I say, you’ve been opening the door, but you haven’t been stepping out. So I say, this will be a stepping time for you, saith the Lord. You’ll step in, you’ll step up, and then you will expand. I say, I will rip open every structure and show you your way through it so that you can come to the top, for vision has been that of shakiness and flowing back and forth. But I say to you, vision is now becoming clear, saith the Lord.

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