Walk As the Sword of the Lord

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: September 16, 2023

Chuck Pierce – The Lord said, “I brought you here for you to wear out new slippers. Because the slippers I put on you are not slippers that will create peace, but slippers that will put a sword down into the ground. I say when you step back in your land, say the sword of the Lord has come. And now a dividing will begin to occur. And as sorting out will begin to occur. And new hats will be worn by new people in that land. And they will begin to rise up and they’ll begin to move. I say the Lord will rise up and move in a way in that land like he’s never moved before. And I say those who are resisting him, I will resist them. And those who are keeping me from coming in where I want to come in, I will come in again. I say, where I came in, I’m coming in again. And I say to you, I will move in that land in days ahead. Get ready for your land will shake, your land will be covered by waves. Your land will move with me beginning with the sword that you wear back into the land,” sayeth the Lord. “I say quit wearing shoes of peace this hour for I came to bring swords to the land. And I say to America, you watched the division begin to happen. And don’t pray for unity in the midst of my dividing out the chaff.” “I say I will not have a people who distort my harvest in days ahead. I must send winds to divide the chaff. And I say to that religion that you wear, that is not the garment that will go through the door this season. And I say to you, some days I do not want to discuss you. I want to discuss with you what I want you to discuss with others.” “I know you.” sayeth the Lord. “I know your comings, I know your goings. If you went to Hell I could find you. If you soar to Heaven I’d find you. I say this is a year of dividing asunder soul and spirit.”

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