Walk on in a New Garment of My Righteousness

Voices: Chuck Pierce, James Vincent, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: April 10, 2020

  • Robyn Vincent

I’d like to share a vision that the Lord gave me concerning Passover, and in the vision, I saw a remnant of people, and they were crossing, they were actually walking on water, and what was strange to me about this Passover if you compare it to other Passovers is that they were walking on the water, the water was not standing up. But the thing that really stood out to me was this was not Moses, this was not Joshua, it was everything to do with Jesus. I saw everybody’s face was on Jesus, and Jesus was leading them across the water. They didn’t need dry land anymore. And one of the things that the Lord said to me was the thing that withstood you in the past seasons, where I had to intervene for you, He said, will now be placed under your feet in this season. And so another thing that stood out to me in the vision was the fact that they were so filled with joy. As their eyes were on the Lamb, they were so filled with joy. And it was like He was taking them way beyond what they thought they could go, where they thought they could go, or what they had ever aspired to be. And so another thing that stood out to me was that He gave them all white robes, and these white robes were just brilliant. They were amazing, they were glowing. And the Lord said to me, this is what they could not earn on their own. He said, they are actually wearing what they don’t deserve. And I said, God, that’s what I want more than anything, more than anything. I want the thing that I can’t get on my own! I want the thing that I don’t deserve! And I knew these robes had been custom-made, tailor-made for them. I knew it was their robe. And the Lord said, this is where I’m taking you. I am taking your feet in to those places that you don’t deserve, but they’re prepared for your feet. I’m causing you to wear a new garment in this season that has been tailor-made for you, but not because of your righteousness, because of my righteousness, because of what I’m doing. And so the Lord said, the only thing, the only thing that caused them to not even, I don’t wanna use the word required, but the only thing that they said to get in too this space with Him was yes, yes. And in Mark 4, there’s a scripture where Jesus says, “Let’s cross over.” Let’s cross over. It’s an invitation, and it’s the Lord saying, will you come, are you ready, will you leave it all behind? Because on Good Friday, the cross will be exalted, and the Lord is saying that. He is saying, I am presenting the cross again, will you cross over, will you count the costs, will you count the costs with me and come over, will you come with me? There is so much I have for you, there is so much I have for you to do, will you come, will you come with me? And I am telling you, it’s a remnant, and I mean, they looked like kids. They looked like kids on a field trip, Chuck. They looked like kids on a field trip. They were like, we’re going, we’re going. And so Father, I thank you. Lord, I decree that what withstood us in the last season, that thing that tried to hold us back and tried to keep us in slavery, we say it is broken. The Passover is for those who are going where the Lamb is going. And so Father, I thank you, Lord God. The captivity is broken, the slavery is broken, the limitations are broken. Lord, we will not lean to our own understanding, but Father, we will trust you, and go where you go.

  • James Vincent

I was looking for the moment. I was just like, Lord, when do you want me to share this? Because I feel like this is really important to where we are but I never felt released to share this until Robyn just shared this. And right when she had that vision, she had not told me about this vision. The very next morning after she had that vision, I had a dream, and in this dream, there was a pool of water, like a big swimming pool, and everybody was walking on the water. Babies were walking on the water. And when I saw this, I was like, well I can walk on the water too. And I began to walk on the water. But the key was you had to keep a steady pace. If you kept a steady pace, you were able to walk upon the water. So I’m walking on the water, and then suddenly I say, well, it’s time for a swim. So then I get down in to the water, and I can’t get back up, and I’m tying to swim up, but the pressure of the water is pushing me down to the point where I woke up because I couldn’t breathe. And the Lord said, the key in this season, in this season that I have given you, is to keep your pace with me. Don’t try to go under and do what you always do, don’t try to go under and jump in, you know, jump ahead of me, and fully indulge yourself when you don’t know what I’m doing yet. Keep your pace with me. So we’re keeping our eyes on you, Father. We enter in to the joy of the season you’re taking us in to. Moment by moment, step by step, we are walking with you. Lord, we don’t get in to things that we haven’t seen you do yet. God, just as your eyes were on the Father, we keep our eyes on you, on the power of what you’re doing and the power of what you will do, because you know the way, you see the way, you have the garments that you have fitly tailored for us. You have the way, you cause us to walk up on the water.

  • Chuck Pierce

When Robin and James were sharing, the Lord said, lift up your head, lift up your head, redemption draws nigh, enjoy the new level of cushion that I’m giving you. Enjoy how to walk on new elements that you’ve never walked on. I say to you, remove your limitations of thinking, and walk on what I tell you to walk on. But I say to you, walk on.

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