Warring Against the Prince of Persia

Voices: Linda Heidler
Date Given: October 8, 2023

Linda Heidler – The real thing that we are facing here is called the Prince of Persia. And that’s the force, that is the demonic power that has always hated Israel, has always been against Israel. And that’s what Daniel encountered when he was in Babylon, that the Prince of Persia really is the the Persian sun god Mithras. And what Mithras effectively did was to strip the power from the church when Constantine came into power, and he began to very slowly but methodically strip away the authority of the blood of Jesus, strip away the power of the Holy Spirit, strip away all the things that made the church such a driving, overcoming powerful force for 300 years. The church has never come back into that place of authority, power, of knowing our authority, of standing in our authority. And this is the confrontation that God has called the church to right now. Israel is in the war. He’s called the church to this confrontation with Mithras.

[Chuck Pierce] That is absolutely right.

Linda Heidler – Now, earlier this year, Judy Block came up, and she had her boots on, and she talked about crushing the head of the enemy. And I gave a testimony about that, and Chuck said, “You need to get some alligator boots.” So I wore my alligator boots today. And when I came in, Brian came up to me. He said, “You wore those boots.” The Lord says, “You wore those boots for a reason today. When you see your moment, take it and crush the head of the enemy.” So what I want to say today is, the church is getting her boots back on, and we will not be stripped of our power and authority. We will hold up the blood of Jesus against every foe and against every enemy! We will stand with Israel and God’s people, and we have our boots on!

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