Wasteful Worship Will Expose the Enemy

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Linda Heidler
Date Given: May 27, 2023

Linda Heidler – When we were in worship last night the Lord began to take me to Mary breaking the alabaster box and washing the feet of Jesus with her hair. That was a new expression of worship. I wanna tell you, nobody had ever seen an expression of worship like that. It went so far out. It went so far beyond what was acceptable, what was expected, and she was greatly criticized for what she did. Jesus defended her and He said, “Leave her alone. She’s preparing Me for My burial.” That was her outpouring of everything she had in worship to the Lord. Then this morning He said “Now look what happened after that.” So I looked in John 12, that was Mary. The chapter begins with her anointing His feet, washing Him with her hair. John chapter thirteen says, “Now, during the meal, Jesus got up, and He put off His outer garment, and He girded himself with a towel, and He took a basin of water, and began to wash his disciples feet.” And He, the Lord, said he still smelled like spikenard. When He did that, they could not help but go back to what Mary did in that breakthrough expression of worship.

But Jesus was saying to them, “You’ve got to let Me wash some things off, because we’re walking a whole new path from here on out. Do not expect anything to be, that worship was the breakthrough into a new season but we’re not even gonna let the dust be on your feet from the last season.” And coming into this conference, I didn’t know. I didn’t know it was gonna all be about worship but what the Lord said to me was, “I want your sacrifice of worship at this conference. I want you to pour out your worship during this conference.” And I believe that what we are doing in this conference is like Mary, breaking that open, and anointing the feet of Jesus, washing His feet, drying them with our hair. Just, like the extreme expression, new expressions of worship. And through this, Jesus is gonna come to us and He’s gonna say, “Here’s what I need to wash off.” And don’t be like Peter, if Jesus says, “Let me wash your feet.” Say, “Yes Lord.”

Just let Him wash what needs to get washed. It’s like the chaff that He needs to get off of us for the next season because we are going to walk a new path. If you can imagine what happened after Jesus washed the disciples feet, it was like everything in the world changed. Everything changed. It was a new path. We’re gonna be walking a new path. So pour out your worship. Let Him wash your feet, and then get ready for that new infilling of Pentecost for the new path ahead.

Chuck Pierce – And it’s gonna do one, one more thing that is such a word from the Lord for us. It’s gonna do one more thing for us because this is what it did, it exposed the enemy in the camp. Her giving, her wasteful giving. I want everybody to say wasteful worship. Sometimes you going to have to just give in a way that it looks like waste if you want to expose what the enemy’s doing in your camp. I have had so many people say so many ugly things to me about my giving because it has appeared wasteful at times. But I know when Mary did that, Judas got exposed. And I’m gonna tell you, there’s gonna be Judases exposed this season, because of our worship and because of our giving.

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