Watch for an Awakening

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: October 15, 2023

Chuck Pierce – This week will probably be a very dramatic week for us. And I want to be sure before we start that we tell the Lord how much we trust him and we know that he is the God of war. And you want to always remember that. And I read most of the fifteens this morning since it was Proverbs 15. And it’s just important that today we pray for the peace of Jerusalem. In its peace, we have peace. And not just that the nation we’re in, is a conflicted nation. And we need to understand that the more we entertain conflict within this nation the more conflict we’re gonna get. And we want to ask the Lord to awaken this nation. It is such an incredible moment that we’re living in. And since you know the word of God, and we are students of the Word of God as everyone comes in, it’s coming alive in a whole new way. And it will be very very important that we watch carefully this week. And this first fruit is so important for us. Thank God that he has timed our prosperity and our victory. He timed it biblically through Shabbat Rosh Chodesh first fruit and the feast times. And Lord we dedicate this first fruit to you. We dedicate this week to you. We dedicate our lives to you, new and fresh. And Father, even the nation we’re in, we dedicate it again. Father, we do thank you that you can sort out the thought processes of this nation. Lord, the nations are a drop in the bucket to you. You say that in your word, but Father, your nation that you chose to be the prototype nation is very dear to your heart. And so, father, we pray for Israel and we pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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