Watch the Rearrangement of My Array

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: November 17, 2019

  • Chuck Pierce

And the Lord says “It’s Me who’s rallying My troops.” The Lord said, “I have new missions that I’m releasing in this new era, so I say to you, I know how to draw the troops together.” “I know how to set the lines in place.” “I know how to activate the gifts that will surprise the enemy.” “I say to you watch the rearrangement of My array, for I will be rearranging My array over the next several, several months” sayeth the Lord. “And that rearrangement of the array will go in and cause the enemy to be blinded in a way that he’s never been blinded.” “I say I am rallying my troops.” “Listen for your enlistment in a new way, for I am calling you up and calling you in and I will redo the weaknesses within you so you can stand in a way you’ve never stood before.”

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