We are Moving Into a Giving Based Economy

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: April 11, 2020

– LeAnn Squier – So one thing that in this time the Lord’s been speaking to me about is new economies. And when we emerge from this, we’re gonna kind of be like Noah and his family coming off the Ark. There’s gonna be some new things and some new restructuring. I really believe that’s part of what God is doing in the big reset. But one of the things I asked him, I said,” Lord, how will the economy change because we have, it’s really an unsustainable debt economy.” And He said to me, it’s few days later, but He said, “it’s going to be a giving economy.” And I was like, I’ve never ever conceived of how that could number one exist or be, because our paradigms are so formed by what we’re pressed in, here we’re conformed to that. And so he said it was a giving economy and then He took me to the widow with a cruse of oil and the pouring out in the pouring out.

And so about a year ago, maybe longer, I notice as I was walking, there was a portal behind me. And it sounds kind of crazy, but it was like something is following me Lord. And He said, “that is My kingdom supply and whatever you need, I want you to begin to reach in and pull out what you have need of because it’s an never ending supply.” So that’s been going on. And then I thought, well that’s goodness and mercy. That’s His goodness and His mercy that’s following me all the days of my life. We won’t lack any good thing, right? The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. So it was like that has been following me. In this giving economy that I’ve been seeing, He said, as you’re pouring out, it is like pulling, it’s putting a pull on the kingdom resources. It’s almost like a vacuum when you siphoned something. And I began to see that and it was just this like circle of supply like I have never seen or understood before.

And so as we’re coming out of this, the first thing we saw happen was people got afraid and they clenched down on things. They bought too much stuff. They bought all the toilet paper and all the Kleenex and they bought, all the whatever and they posted signs saying, please, only one of those. But the first thing people do is they kind of clenched down. But it’s exactly the opposite, I believe of what God is telling us to do now. As we’re emerging from this place down the road, it’s just like we need to get a mindset for a different kind of an economy that is formed by God’s principles and his mind. And it’s one that pours out. And really as we pour, there’s going to be given to us a never ending supply. But the minute we stop pouring is the minute that the oil will stop.

Chuck Pierce – That’s the minute it stops.

LeAnn Squier – So Lord, we just ask you right now to refit, frame our paradigm for the future. Reframe our understanding of your economy and how the heaven. Father we made deposits in heaven, and Father that is accessible to us and all of the goodness and all the mercy of provision is following us all the days of our lives. So help us Lord, just begin to joyfully begin to be part of this heavenly circle of giving. Father God as as we’re pouring out as the river is flowing as the cruse of oil is flowing. Change us from a debt based economy, into a giving based economy in Jesus name.

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