Wear a New Miracle Mantle

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: January 1, 2022

Anne Tate – Chuck, when Janice and I first came to Glory of Zion, one morning Janice had made this miracle mantle and that morning we put that on you. And you said, “The Lord told me I was receiving a new mantle that day.” And the Lord says now, “It’s been on the wall, it’s been a vision set before you, but today is the day you wear this mantle.”

Chuck Pierce – Wow. Wow. I asked the Lord yesterday morning, we were talking about mantles. I said, “Lord, You’ll just have to give me the one I’m supposed to have. I can’t just put one on myself.” I did. That was my exact words. So Lydia just put one up here for Pam. I said, “I can’t just put a mantle on me.” Thank you. Listen. The one thing we try to demonstrate to every one of you is just get connected with Him. Ask Him. Talk to Him. Don’t try to explain to Him everything, just talk to Him. Ask Him things. Watch for Him. He’s already working it out. I mean, just like Robert already had his message. I said, “What in the world?” Sometimes I don’t get a message till two hours before it’s time for me to stand up 10 minutes and Robert called and said, “I’ve got my message for next week.” I said, “Lord, I can’t put a mantle on me.” But you know what? I trust that He can. That’s really what it boils down to, trust that He can do it.

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