Worship Will Dethrone Hell’s Gate in Washington D.C.

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: October 10, 2021

Chuck Pierce – You gotta build your altar of worship. You have to build it personally, in your family, and then corporately. Then territorially all you have to do is look around and say, “Well, the gate of hell came through right there.” So I’m gonna go build an altar of worship where that gate of hell is ruling. My greatest desire is to see an altar of worship built in Washington, DC, so we can hear heaven through Washington, DC. Be different if we could hear. My whole job is hearing God. That’s what He made me to be. And I can hear God in people that don’t believe, unbelievers. I can hear God in business people, that don’t know the first thing about God. I can hear God in authority figures. I can hear God off stop signs. It’s because I make sure the Word is living in me, but I’m having a hard time hearing God coming from the top of this nation. And I strain to hear him.

I just wanna hear some way, those representing me talking some way that the One who lives in me, bears witness with them. That’s all I care about. See, it’s not political. If they gonna rule, I’m gonna pray for them because God tells me to. And then I wanna hear God do something with them and use them to press me forward some way. And right now we’re not hearing that. Therefore, we tell that altar of hell and that gate of hell that’s in DC, worship is going to dethrone you. Now hear what I just said. I’m telling you worship’s gonna dethrone it. We’re not yelling at some president. We ain’t yelling at nobody other than worship is going to cause that gate of hell, that is voicing what it wants for our future to back away. Hallelujah.

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