You Are a Beautiful Garment

Voices: Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: May 9, 2021

LeAnn Squier – I had a vision as we were singing. And, you know, in the spirit, when we step into the realm of the kingdom we step into the realm of God and we acknowledge and ascertain the presence of God around us. Suddenly I saw the beautiful garments that we are all actually in, in the spirit, in the spirit. We can’t even see them in the natural, but in the spirit it was like the most amazing and glorious garments all over each one of us. And so even our identity, you know we get upgrades with the Lord as we are- it’s just that our understanding gets upgraded, right? We step into the realm of the spirit and we’re just like I didn’t realize, I didn’t realize who I was. I didn’t realize who they were, who they really were.

And so it’s just like, Lord give us spiritual eyes to see in this dimension so that we can walk in the, in the, the wealth and the glory and the identity of the kingdom realm. And Lord, we just ask for your beautiful garments be manifest so much in our lives that we literally are just taking the atmosphere and the fragrance of kingdom with us everywhere we go. You are so beautiful and you don’t know how beautiful you really are. You’re so handsome and wonderful. You don’t know how beautiful and handsome and wonderful you really are. You’re so intelligent, God has given you such a brilliant mind and you don’t really see it, but you are. You are, you are, you are. Lord we just say, we know, we know who we are in You. As we step in You we actually see who we really are.

Chuck Pierce – Here’s another way of looking at it you get so used to looking at yourself that you can’t see who you are. I want you to just take a step into who you are. All week long I prayed Romans 12 1-2. “Don’t be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”. Right now I want your mind to take a shift. Put your hand right here on your, on your mind. It’s right here. Cause it’s linked with your emotions. It’s linked with your heart. The heart thinks. Lord, we ask You to really show us what we look like. Father, I say we will be glorious as we walk forward this week.

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