You are a Generation That Laughs at the Enemy

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Jim Stockstill, Keith Pierce, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: August 11, 2019

Jim Stockstill – I have a word for the young people. This next generation that the prophet talked about. I saw dry ground and I saw a river burst up through it and flood through. And He said, “My burden bearers have become weary. My burden bearers have become weary but to the young people, they look into the mouth and then they say ‘Grace, grace, grace be unto that mountain,’ not by might, not by power but by my spirit will I flow through you.” And they will say, ‘How can the weak do this?’ Because the Lord says, “Because they were strong in Me and let this river flow and let it penetrate every area that has been dry where you have given up and for that older generation, they will revive you in their excitement and their joy and their faith in things that you could not believe for,” sayeth the Lord.

Keith Pierce – I want all the young generation to lift their hands. And if you’re standing next to ’em, extend your hands to them. The Lord will say to you this day, “There is an anointing that He is bringing down on you that will cause the dry bones to arise, it will cause the dry bones to speak, it will cause the dry bones to come alive. Reach up, reach up, grab a hold, and any situation that you are in where death is occurring, I will use you to bring life out of that valley and speak into that thing that it may arise to the mountain top, in My holy name.” Now lift up and shout for this generation.

Chuck Pierce – And I say to you, “I’ve had people pressing through on your behalf. And I’ve had people going forth and I say they have gotten weary by all that is surrounding them. But I say you will be a generation that laughs at the enemy. I say get ready for there is laughter down in you that will break forth and the enemy will run because of your joy.”

Robyn Vincent – I heard the Lord say that we were receiving an eternal flame today. That we were receiving an eternal flame and just as Kendrick began to speak and he spoke about the Hebrew boys, the Lord said the fire that I have set in you today will overtake the fire in the Earth right now. He said that those things that the enemy has tried to set you in and tried to take over you, He said now the consuming fire comes. Now the consuming fire begins to burn and for the youth especially, I heard the Lord say in the past that you have struggled and you have struggled trying to keep the fire burning but He said no longer, that struggle is now over, because of that which I have set in you this week, and for what I was hearing today, the Lord said when we were singing that song, I heard the Lord singing it over you. I heard Him singing it over you, and He was saying there is not one mountain they won’t climb to get to me. There is not one thing that they won’t take down to get to me. And so this is a song that God is singing over you. He’s prophesying who you really are. Who you’re going to be, not what you are today, but what’s really on the inside of you.

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