You Are a Rain Maker

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: July 17, 2022

LeAnn Squier – I just heard the Lord say “You are the rainmakers.” You are the rainmakers, we are the rainmakers. We live in a dry and a thirsty land where there is no water but God has called you to be the rainmakers, to be the water givers, to stir up the rivers, stir up the rivers. Father, we thank you, Lord, let the rains come. And whenever Goshen, in the land of Goshen things begin to happen in the land of Goshen that were not happening in Egypt. And there became a line of demarcation where Egypt began to suffer things and Goshen no longer suffered. And I asked the Lord one day “What was it?” And He said ” They became aware of their God.” They became aware of their God. They became aware of their covenant. So we just declare right now, you are rainmakers, let it happen, let it rain, let Him rain.

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