You Have Run Out of Ground Leap Into the New Place

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Jonathan Dickson, LeAnn Squier, Michelle Hadley
Date Given: September 28, 2019

Michelle Hadley – I heard the lord saying that some of you need to get out of your own way. Because he has need of you in this season, and you been stumbling over your own feet. He said get out of your own way.

Jonathan Dickson – What I hear the lord saying is that, season by season you have progressed higher and higher climbing that mountain but this is a season that now that ground where you have used your legs and used your arms to climb, there is no more ground. What you are thinking, with the flying, is that you must start from here, but I am saying this is a season where you are going to have to leap off, My word is going forth, trust that when you leap off, My word will go underneath your wings and propel you up higher to where you need to be this season.

Chuck Pierce – Wow! You heard what the spirit of God said to us. You done run out of ground. You gone have to go across into a place step into a place you’ve never stepped into before. You can’t use your own strength to pull you up. You can’t push against the same ground you pushed against. So the lord says, “Step up “and step forward “into the place that I have for you.”

LeAnn Squier – I saw a clear vision as we were singing that. In the past you know, I would see the eagles but not this time. I saw a squadron of airplanes, that begin to fly, and they were flying in perfect formation and they were ready for battle and it’s like there was a voice from the control tower saying you’ve been prepared for take off. And it was a whole different dynamic, not an individual but a corporate dynamic, and an army dynamic and a squadron dynamic, and a troop dynamic. So, Lord we thank you for a shift in that in this new hour. In this new era.

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