You Shall Taste and See

Voices: Robyn Vincent
Date Given: February 4, 2024

Robyn Vincent – A couple of weeks ago, I had a vision, and in the vision I woke up that morning into a vision. And in the vision there was rows and rows of people that were sitting down and they had barf bags and everybody was vomiting in these barf bags, and it was coming out pretty forcefully. I know that’s graphic, but I’m sorry. And so they were sitting there and it was just coming out very forcefully. I knew it was the Spirit of God. And so the Lord began to show me that there was gonna be a mass deliverance to take place in the body of Christ. It was rows upon rows upon rows upon rows upon rows of people. And after they got delivered, they all stood up, and God began to hand out staffs. He began to hand out new rods to everybody. I had no idea when I got to East Texas that that rod was gonna be put in my hand.

– [Chuck Pierce] Wow.

Robyn Vincent – I’m telling you, God is speaking. There was such an authority on the praise and worship today, and it was like God was saying, “you shall taste and see. “You shall taste and see, “so that you can begin to prepare the way “for others to taste and see.”

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