Your Faith Action Is Releasing My Healing Light

Voices: Chad Foxworth, Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Marty Cassady, Tobias Lyons
Date Given: May 13, 2020

Keevy Phillips – (Speaking in the Spirit)

Marty Cassady – And I just hear the Lord saying, loosen up. Some of you are just wound way too tight and we just need to get free in the Spirit. So if you’re at home, get up out of your chair, begin to move with us, begin get to decree a shaking and rumbling.

Chuck Pierce – And in that tongue, there was a sentence that said I’m preparing a light show on your behalf. You watch Me explode the heavens and you watch the Earth begin to respond. I know when to send the lights in, I know when to light up regions, and I say there will be a choice between darkness and light. And now the choice is coming to the forefront.

Chad Foxworth – You know I think God want us to run in this season? I think there’s some healing that’s about to take place and the legs that have been limp are about to start being healed so we can start running in a new way. So listen I just need somebody to run all over this place today. I need somebody to run. I need somebody to run.

Keevy Phillips – Now do what Chad’s doing. Stir up that gift that’s inside of you. Stir up the spirit of God that is inside of you today. God is not dead. He is yet alive. We do not serve a statue. He is not a piece of wood. He is the living God. Let your bones live, says the Lord. I am the living God. Do what you have to do. Move around. Talk to yourself. Tell your spirit to rise up. This is not the day of passivity. This is the day that the sons and the daughters of God rise up and say enough’s enough in the name of Jesus rise up in the authority that God is giving you. Take the land says the Lord.

Chad Foxworth – The pause is about to come to an end. On your mark, get set, and go!

Tobias Lyons – And the Lord says that your action of movement is your agreement with the intercession that I’ve already made for you. The Lord says as you take a step of faith, as you move out of an action, in declaration of faith, the Lord says that you are pulling agreement from Earth to Heaven and Heaven to Earth with intercession that I have made for your future. So Father, we say that as we move, that as we unwind, that as we release our agreement, Father, that it is setting the course for the future that you have already interceded for on our behalf.

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