Your Furnace Is an Altar

Voices: Chad Foxworth, Chuck Pierce, Elaine Priestly, Lisa Lyons
Date Given: May 15, 2022

Chad Foxworth – Hey, the Lord says, the Lord says to you this morning to tell Nebuchadnezzar to turn up that fiery furnace because it ain’t gonna make me but hotter. It’s gonna make me hotter if you turn it up. So raise your hands this morning. And say to Nebuchadnezzar to turn it up, turn it up, turn it up, turn it up. I’m dancing in the furnace. I’m dancing with joy in the midst of the fire. In Jesus name.

Lisa Lyons – Listen, The Lord turns your furnace into an altar. And you gotta understand that when you are in the midst of a furnace and the fire is hot. It’s only because the Lord says, “I’m gonna make that an altar so you rejoice in your furnace”. You know that it is a sweet savior and sacrifice and God is bringing an altar out of it.

Elaine Priestly – My son is building a home in the Huntsville area and the builders brought out all the wood to start putting the home up. And someone came in and stole all the wood and he called me. I say, son, he got this vehicle that, you know, you can boom it and hear it for miles. I say, son, you go out on your land and you turn up the praise and the worship. You let that devil know ‘you can’t stop us’. We moving forward in praise. All the wood was restored.

Chuck Pierce – Sing. Bring it back.

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