Your Mouth Is Anointed to Light up the World

Voices: Chad Foxworth, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: May 29, 2020

LeAnne Squire – One of the things I feel like God is raising back up from the dead, is our ability to speak into situations and, you know, I was somehow my testimony is that I was really fearful of speaking anything controversial or really speaking up and there is, I had a dream, where there was like this clog in my throat and it popped out and after that I went and confronted a dragon and said “I found it, it’s over” basically and so today, as we have been in this, one thing I saw was that our mouths have been anointed to light the world up. And I mean, we’re standing in a place where it seems like the enemy has turned the light switch off and so people are fearful and people are in the dark and you know what, inside of your mouth is a spark of life and a spark of light. And that’s really, think about Pentecost. They spoke as the Spirit gave them utterance.

They spoke, they spoke, they spoke, they spoke. They preached, then multitude was gathered. Then, they spoke, they spoke, they spoke and the light of God began to arise upon them. And so Father, I just say right now. We are recovering our ability to speak into situations and I would always have this thought. I don’t know how to say that. I don’t know what to say into that. And I would have the truth burning in me and it was, it was the Lord, but I could not get past this apparatus. I don’t know, to give it expression. So, what I want you to do is I want you to begin to pray and ask the Lord, “Lord, how do I say it? How can I say it?”, not “Oh I can’t say that, oh I can’t say that”. How can I say it? How can I get past this obstruction? How can I put the grace that you have on it? How can I speak the truth in love? Cause I always do that now as a test. Like, how can I say this in a way, it’s a sharp thing, but how can I say it in a way that is, is in the love of God. So Father, we just say today, we’re marking a new place. Father, we’re crossing over, because we are determined to speak as your spirit gives the utterance and Father we say right now, we’re going to find a new way through the obstruction. We’re gonna find a new way through the blockage.

We’re gonna ask for the strategies of heaven. Lord, excellent strategist is one of your names and Father, we say you’re gonna show us how to do it, you’re gonna show us how to get past it, you’re gonna show us how to get speak it in love. Lord, but we are gonna let your words fly out, fly out, and Father we’re gonna see the world begin to light up and experience the light of your love and your goodness and your truth and Lord it’s going to begin to spell, dispel darkness in so many places. And the other thing, I wasn’t gonna share this, but I saw an apparatus across our faces and it was so ugly that I could hardly bare to look at it, but it was a, like a strap that had a ball in the middle and it was inserted into the mouth and I mean, there was no way. It was the most ugly thing I’ve ever seen and I’m telling you what, God wants it off of you. He wants it off of you, he wants it off of us, he wants it off of me, and so Father we just say every weapon that’s been formed against the mouth of your people will not prosper.

Lord we say that it’s being revealed, no weapon formed against our mouth will prosper and Father we say today, you are raising up from the dead our voice again to speak in a new hour, in a new time like we have never spoken before and our words are going to be life, and light, and truth, and it’s going to turn the lights on as you speak through our people.

Chad Foxworth – Wow. Just to piggyback on what Leanne was saying, as we been worshiping. I’ve seen, I’ve seen us in this place that we are in a divine face off right now. I feel like we’re in the place where Jesus was in the wilderness. Where, when she was talking about us speaking. When the Prince of darkness spoke to Him, he had to speak what was written back to him. And I feel like that’s where we are right now. We’re in a place where if God is saying something, especially to the black community, to black America. When the Prince of darkness says something to you, are you gonna agree with him? Are you going to say, or are you going to say what is written in the word? So right now, Lord God we say our voices are being unlocked to speak what is written and we won’t agree. We won’t agree with this bondage. We won’t agree with this racism. We won’t agree with this slavery mentality any longer. In Jesus name.

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