Your Testimony of Salvation Can Help Save Others

Date Given: December 10, 2023

Sam Dickson – Jesus sacrificed to everything for us, but there was a whole new understanding today when I was taking communion and he didn’t just die for us, he didn’t just sacrifice and give up everything for us, he gave up everything for us so that we can also take our suffering, the things that we have suffered and we can use that to bless others. As he brought us out of the darkness with his sacrifice and he brought us into the light, our sacrifice as well isn’t meaningless. Our sacrifice, also, as Linda was saying, some of y’all feel like you’ve been tormented and you have walked through things, almost everybody in here is probably someone who has overcome, somebody who has walked through and crawled through the mud and the blood and made it to the other side because of the grace of Jesus’s sacrifice that God gave us. We made it to the other side so that we can also turn around and say, “Take my hand. “I will bring you,” as Keith has done so many times, “Walk through the darkness.” And I remember him saying things that he had walked through the darkness and he walked through so many hard things and he didn’t want to go back, but when he saw someone else suffering, he said, “I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let you suffer by yourself. “And I see that I walked through that same thing. “I’m gonna go down into that place “that I don’t want to go back to, “but I’m gonna go back there so that I can take you “and pull you up.” So those who have sacrificed, those are badges of honor. That is the light within you that you can give to the others who are sacrificed, who are suffering in the world to bring them out of the darkness and into the light. It is not in vain.

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