Your Tongue Is a Key of Provision

Voices: Anne Tate, LeAnn Squier, Sheryl Price
Date Given: May 15, 2021

Anne Tate – And the Lord says that in your mouth, I’m fashioning a key and your tongue, this year will be a key that opens and a key that closes. You will close kingdom and you will open kingdom. You will close down what doesn’t need to be communicated, and you will open up what does need to be communicated. Your tongue will be like the pen of a ready writer in this season.

LeAnn Squier – When your tongue closes a thing, you’ll see that He has the final word. Doors that have been standing open that needed to be shut. The wind is going to blow them, shut blow them, shut, blow them, shut. Blow them, shut. And God through Your people You will have the final say. Yes, You will. Yes, You will. Yes, You will. You’ll have the final say.

Sheryl Price – And in your tongue, is the secret to provision says the Lord for you will open up provision that has been hidden for many, many, many years. And you will call in that, which was lost and you will cause to manifest that, which was not for I say to you My miraculous provision is in your mouth.

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