Your Transparency Will Manifest My Glory

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: February 11, 2024

LeAnn Squier – I just had the clearest vision, and what it was, as we stood there and the walls, our walls, our walls began to fall. And there was such a transparency and such a vulnerability that we were entering into, and all that was shining out was glory. It was like being a burning bush. Like when all that exterior was gone, there was nothing left shining but glory. And when he says, “For the widow, for the orphan,” God is giving his glory through his people this hour, but we’ve got to step into such a massive place of transparency that it can be seen and heard and touched and felt. And so, Lord, we just say right now, there’s a whole new dimension of the transparency of the flesh just beginning to move out of the way and expose. The Bible says, “We have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the excellency of the power would be of God and not of us.” This isn’t us, this is Him shining through into the earth realm, delivering, healing, setting free, providing, bringing glory. Bringing glory in the earth, sending His glory in the earth. Lord, we thank you. We say, “Let the walls come down.” Let all the walls come down. Let all the walls come down.

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