Zoe Life Is Bursting Forth

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: September 16, 2023

Chuck Pierce – Right now I wanna break the Spirit off of you. The Spirit is linked with just the written fact of the Word. That’s called graphe. The Lord says, I want to break that mindset of graphe out of you. Quit handling my Word as a book. Now, Father, I tell that Spirit that is blinding people. That is just, they’re recorded with Words causing them not to see you. I break that Spirit in the name of Jesus. I command it off of your people. When you open the Word, it’s logos, it’s living. Treat the Word as Jesus right in front of you, talking to you. Now, Lord, I say bring life to the Word. Bring life to the Word. This is where I want you to lay hands on someone. When life is interacting with you, life can become rhema. In other Words, life can come and illuminate and cause light to come into you and the person of Holy Spirit in you starts communing with the living Word. I loose the Spirit of illumination.

– [Background Singers] Yeah.

– You’re not going into this year with the same dead thought patterns. In Jesus’ name, I break that deadness in our brain. I break that humanism. Now, call it what it is, religious humanism go. And then all of a sudden it becomes zoe. And you birth the Word, you birth the Word into life. I decree a birthing anointing.

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