12 Days Until a New Administration Is Established

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: September 13, 2020

Chuck Pierce – I heard the Lord say something that I’m not real… I don’t have an understanding of it. I just heard Him while I was standing down there. He said, “12 days til a new administration is established.” Now, I don’t, I want us to think through as intercessors.

Keith Pierce – Chuck, I got the other part of that. Y’all stand up there. Y’all three stand up there. I called them together because I was gonna do this in secret with them. Every time during worship, I looked back there, I saw a different angel standing behind each one of y’all, and I said, “What, Lord, what are You showing me?” He said, “I’m showing you 12 days for the 12 tribes of Israel to be established. I desire to come as Jehovah Shammah, and I am here in a new way.” He said, “The way that I was here yesterday is not the way that I’m coming from for tomorrow.” This season is totally different, so there has to be a new intercession that forms for 12 days to see Jehovah Shammah established in an area in a new way.

When I was standing down here, the Lord spoke to me and He said, “The new administrations that is forming is causing a new alignment in the head, neck, and shoulders.” And He said there was a spirit that tried to attach to Chuck to make him do like this and have so much pain he couldn’t see, stand upright. The Lord said when LeAnn puts her hand on your shoulders that literally bird of the air that came to clamp down on you, that truly, the claw of the enemy is being lifted, and you will see over the next 12 days. The Lord says there has even been an assignment against your eye. He said, “I’m breaking the assignment off your eye,” and He said, “You’re gonna see with spiritual eyes what others miss.” He said, “But the revelation is going to stop flowing, start flowing. All you can do is receive it in your spirit ’cause you’re not gonna have time to write it down.” Lift up a shout.

The Lord said, “This is not going to be like yesterday. There is an anointing for today that will carry you in that will equip My saints to see salvation, deliverance, and miracles, but they’re not coming in an old wineskin.” He said, “So get ready if you want to be a part of it.” Lift your hands. Receive that anointing because the next 12 days will be new revelation of His ancient of days truth that will sustain you as you move you and the nation forward in Jesus’ name.

Chuck Pierce – Now, the Lord just said “A giant metamorphosis is about to invade the Earth.”

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