21 Days of Intense Treatment

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: June 20, 2021

Chuck Pierce – Mark, I want you to lay down right there on the blood, of the nations. Mark is a wonderful, wonderful man we’ve known for a long time, and he’s going through a very difficult situation in his body, and Mark I heard the Lord say, I’m putting you through 21 days of intense treatment, but this is what it looks like. The Lord says, my blood will become hotter than that blood that is running through your body. And by the spirit it will begin to find cells that have not been found, I decree right now, that these next 21 days will be a time of divine, intense treatment, now that’s a word from God for us. The Holy Spirit doesn’t do anything like this publicly without it being a public word. I say to you, a 21 day intense treatment is coming into his people. Put your hand right here, He’s about to do something in you these next 21 days that is different than has ever been done before. Now I want you to turn the lights down, just don’t move, quit ending, and beginning, so quickly. Just let the Spirit move in you, and move with you, now lay that, down upon him, it’s like a purifying sheath.

Keith Pierce – Chuck the Lord just spoke to me that we’re supposed to anoint his feet with oil.

Chuck Pierce – All right, take his shoes off.

Keith Pierce – I want everybody to put your hand on the hand of the one in front of you.

Chuck Pierce – Bob, come up with him. Listen, this is what we’re about. We’ve lost sight in the church what we’re about, but what is happening today, is what we’re about. This is Father’s Day, present it up to the Lord, present it up to the Lord.

Keith Pierce – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. All the way, I want everybody’s hands to extend all the way up here, because we are a body, and the Lord.

Chuck Pierce – There’s somebody out there got a gift of healing you don’t have to run up here, you need to loose it. You need to extend your hand and loose it.

Keith Pierce – ‘Cause the Lord showed me very, very clearly, Jesus anointing his feet, and when we anoint his feet, there is going to be a new level of healing that starts at the bottom and works its way all through. And the Lord spoke to me and said, when the anointing oil hits his feet, I’m gonna activate the blood of the lamb inside of him, and the blood of the lamb inside of him is gonna change the blood of his DNA, and the blood of the lamb inside of him is gonna activate health and wellbeing, and the blood of the lamb inside of him, is gonna break a curse of bad report, and change what the enemy meant from harm to good in My holy name.

Chuck Pierce – Lord, we decree every false condemnation in us is being burned out of us.

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