A Bitter Root is Being Uprooted and will Release You From Captivity

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Keith Pierce
Date Given: February 17, 2019

  • Chuck Pierce

Why witches and warlocks use livers to divine from, is because it holds captive things you’re going through. You find that all through the word of God. You need to decree, anything that is blocking your healing and breakthrough. That is lodged in your liver, decree it will let go right now in the name of Jesus. Tell your liver to quiver. Tell it to shake loose. You cut a liver open, and in occult practices they know how to read what’s inside the liver. But a doctor knows how to do the same thing. Decree right now everything that’s being held captive that is detrimental to your healing and wholeness in your liver, will be let go. I bind that religious spirit from not, from resisting this in the name of Jesus by his blood. There’s so many things we’re ignorant about. Put your hand on your kidney, the same thing. Your kidney will hold the debris traces of what you’re carrying in your body, and I don’t just mean physically. Lord, we say dispel these spirits! In Yeshua’s name. Now Lord we say, there is a wholeness moving this week. And breaking captivity.

  • Keith Pierce

When Chuck asked for the ushers to come. The Lord spoke to me, and He said, “bitterness is rotten to the bone”. He said, before, and Chuck just said it. And I want everybody to let Holy Spirit, search your heart this very moment. See that root of bitterness that He is miraculously giving you a moment to let go of it, because when you see it, and when you give it to Him, and renounce it, He is gonna remove it from you, and heal you, miraculously, in a way that you least expected! He is going to heal those bones! He is going to heal that liver. He is going to heal that gallbladder. Let it go! Let it go! Let it go!

  • Chuck Pierce

Fear gets hung up in your kidneys. Sexual sin will settle in your liver. Bitterness will hold your gallbladder captive, and cause your whole body to turn green with envy. Decree right now you’re being cleaned out. Lord, we say clean us out this month. All you gotta do is listen to your mouth, and you’ll hear what comes out of it. Lord, we say right now we’re gonna capture every word coming out of our mouth this year. This month. Lord we loosen. We say let faith come up in our organs. Let our spirit invade our organs. Let Holy Spirit invade our organs.

  • Keevy Phillips

“And even now, if you will be diligent this week in reading your bible, and seeking my face, there will be a layer of poverty that’ll come off your eyes.” For the Lord is saying “you have seen the situation and you have seen struggles one way,” but the Lord is saying “I will show you this week that they are not surrounding you. I am surrounding it,” says the spirit of the Lord. For the Lord would even say to you now, “your vision, will begin to change”. Some of you that wear glasses won’t wear them anymore. For the Lord is beginning to heal the optical nerves in your eyes says the spirit of the Lord. “Poverty is being reversed. Fear and unbelief and distrust, of Me and of your fellow brothers is being reversed. If you will seek my face, if you will read the word, then I am already giving you deliverance out of debt and slavery is on the way.” “Deliverance out of sickness. Deliverance out of wrong alignments with your family and with nations, are on the way.” “If you will do this this week, I will turn the course of your life,” says the spirit of the Lord.

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