A Glory Shaking Is Taking Place

Voices: Cindy Jacobs
Date Given: January 1, 2022

Cindy Jacobs – For the Lord would say, “Many of you are hearing a sound and you don’t know what it is, but it’s a dry bones rattling.” And the Lord would say to you “that some of you are afraid of that sound but you don’t understand what I am doing, for you think that everything that makes a great noise and a shaking is of the devil,” but God would say, “There is a glory shaking taking place.” And the shaking is bringing into alignment your destiny.” And the Lord would say, “So do not be afraid when you hear that sound of rattling and shaking because it’s Me,” says the Lord, “And I am realigning many things and when I realign, it is sometimes extremely uncomfortable and there times when you do not understand what is taking place in your life, but know this, I am behind the shaking and I am bringing everything into place,” says the Lord.

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