A Healing Epidemic is Breaking Out

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: March 22, 2020

– [Keith Pierce] – You know it’s a very, very different time that we’re in. But this morning as I came out here, it’s so funny that Chuck’s doing what he’s doing. The Lord said, “when you leave your house I want you “to call out everyone’s name that is attached to you “that I’m gonna cover their home with the blood “of the lamb and I’m gonna cover everyone that’s attached “with them to the blood of the lamb.” So that’s what I did on the way out here and then I got here and we were inside and all of a sudden we were singing “Bless the Lord.” And the Lord said, I said Lord how would you have me bless you? And He said, “with your tithe and offering on first fruit.” And I said it’s in the car. No listen He said, “go get it now.” And I went out there and got it and on the way back, I really want us to remember this, because it is first fruit. But when you bring that tithe and offering into the storehouse his word says, he will rebuke the devil for you. So today is the day, sow your seed, and sow your seed wisely, turn it loose and let it go because He desires to rise up and rebuke the enemy for you. But this is the second part of it, He desires to prove himself to you and today is the day as we go forth He has proven himself. So lift up your elements. ’cause this is what I want to release over us. After I did that the Lord spoke to me and this is what He said, He said, “am I not the one who healed the leper?” I said yes you are. He said, “am I’m not the one that told the leper to tell no one “and go present himself to the priest?” I said yes you are. He said, “what happened?” The scripture says that the power of the Lord Jesus Christ’s healing spread like an epidemic through the land. You want to overcome a pandemic? Let an epidemic of Jesus Christ’s healing by His blood and His brokenness be released today. If you can hear my voice, stand up and shout, let the healing of the Lord Jesus Christ be released like an epidemic through His blood and brokenness of His testimony loving His not, His life not to death and the blood of the lamb in Jesus name.

[Chuck Pierce] Shout right now an epidemic of healing! An epidemic of healing!

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