A War Over the Supreme Court

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: September 15, 2023

Chuck Pierce – You’re transitioning on your path. Now, that’s the way to think about where you’re at today. In this transition, he is going to reveal signs and wonders to you on your path. If you keep noticing the signs and wonders, he’s going to get you to the door of your future. You have a future you’ve never stepped into before. Now, the only way you’re going to recognize future is linked, it is the word expected in. Therefore, you’re gonna have to deal with your emotions. If you are too introspective this year, you will not recognize him on your path. The Church of , they were so inward, they couldn’t see him when he came in to eat with them. And so you cannot just focus on you this year. Now, this is hard for us ’cause we’re really self-centered, but we can’t. We’ll miss the new door that is ahead if you just focus on you. And here’s something else. In this year of the judge, you’re gonna have to watch the Supreme Court. There’s gonna be a war over the Supreme Court, and how that war goes is how this nation will go in days ahead. So we’re going to have to learn that really, this isn’t about the presidential race this year. It is about how this nation will be ruled in the future.

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