Barrenness is Breaking & Promise is Coming Forth

Voices: Barbara Wentroble, Keith Pierce, Lauren Awbrey, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: March 8, 2020

– [Lauren Awbrey] – It’s not a coincidence that I actually sang Hannah’s song this morning, I didn’t know I was singing it until today, and the Lord has been pressing on me God’s promises that I’ve let go of, because it just hasn’t happened. And I’ve been barren for ten years and not been able to have any other children, and so I put it away and thought, okay, I’m just supposed to have one, that’s what God wanted for us. And yet inside I wanted more children so bad, and so I had to let go of that, and the Lord said no, this is my promise for you and I’m not done, and you’re going to have more children, whether it’s from out there or from here. You’re going to have more, don’t let go of your promise. God still has that for you.

[Keith Pierce] – Listen to me, when God gets ready to break barrenness, God is ready to break barrenness. Get out, I want everybody to get outside your head. Extend your hands to him. Leanne, you sing that over us, ’cause God’s fixing to break this. And you might get slap-dap crazy, acting and flipping like a fish on the floor, but so be it, because if God wants to birth a Samuel, that what he says doesn’t fall to the ground, he ain’t getting you pregnant just to make you feel good in the rocking chair. He’s fixing to give you something to birth, and you’re going to have to ward it into his kingdom.

[Robyn Vincent] – The Lord showed me recently that there came a time where he remembered, he remembered Rebec – I meant Rachel, he remembered Rachel, and where there was all kinds of manipulation and conniving and scheming going on, the Lord said “I remembered Rachel, she tried to manipulate, “she got her maid to actually have children for her,” but the Lord said, “No, but I remembered Rachel.” And when I looked up that word “remembered”, the Lord said “It was always on my calendar. “It was always on my calendar.” So when the Lord says it’s your time, it’s your time, and then it says he remembered Rachel and opened up her womb. He remembered her and opened up her womb, because it was her time. The Lord is saying it is your time. It is your time. He has remembered you. You didn’t step out by yourself, that was the spirit of God upon you, because he was pulling you out and he was saying, “It is your time.” So, father, we coming into agreement. We coming into agreement and we say it is your time, Lord. You have remembered them, and father, we say it is so, it is so in Jesus’s name.

[Barbara Wentroble] – A few years back, I was speaking in Malaysia, and when I got to the airport to come home, there were three couples that came to the airport. I didn’t know they were coming. And they said, “Barbara,” they said, “we are barren “and we have come believing God for a miracle. “Before you get on that plane we want you to pray over us.” And so I did that, so within, like, two months, these couples were all pregnant. And so every time I would go back, this one man, he’s a travel agent, he would bring the picture of his little girl, and each year he would bring it so I could see how she was growing. And I am telling you, we’re in the season of the voice of the ecclesia, and our voice has the power to break barrenness, to break anything that’s hindering the will of God. And so we say today, as your ecclesia, we of a corporate voice, we join our voices together, and we say barrenness is broken off of all of these people today. We say, we pull out of heaven the resources, the fruitfulness of heaven. God, you said your desire is that we would increase and multiply, so we say we loose multiplication over all of these people. We say barrenness, your power is broken by the blood of Jesus.

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