Call Back the Bread You Cast on the Waters

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Keith Pierce
Date Given: October 4, 2020

Keith Pierce – Church was not good for me last week. There was a spirit in this place and the spirit in this place I called the watcher. It was religious, it was watching, it was trying to stop the next move of God. And I left here very dismayed, and so I begin to pray about it. So after praying three days, the Lord so spoke this word to me. And He said, “There is a second wave coming in, it is on its way. It is been designed by Me to bring in the bread that has been cast on the waters. The seeds of bread that was sowed last wave or season are coming in loaves of return. However, My people are standing on the shoreline, looking at the wave with fear. They are seeing the debris in the water and overlooking the loaves.

Alert My intercessors, awaken My watchmen and tell My gatekeepers to get ready. What they’re seeing is a tsunami of evil and despair, tell all to look with spiritual eyes, and they will block the debris and receive the loaves. Get the baskets ready, we will bring on, this way will bring harm to no one and all are covered by My name.” Now, I want you to ask the Lord before we release this basket. Are you looking at debris? Are you looking at detriment? Are you looking at loss? Are you looking at poverty? Are you looking at sin? Are you looking at disease? Or are you looking with spiritual eyes, what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for you on the cross? And every seed that you sowed last season, and cast on the waters, do you see the loaves coming in and filling the baskets and I will tell you why.

These baskets before they dance with it are supposed to be a prophetic act of the loaves and fishes multiplying, of the miracles occurring, of the prosperity of increase coming, But it can’t come unless you get that old watcher’s eye off of you. Looking for debris and start looking for the hope, the faith, the love, the promise of His completion of His word.

Keevy Phillips – Listen, let me tell you something, you as a believer, you as a son, or a daughter of God, have a responsibility to take the kingdom wherever you go. So if there’s devils and principalities in your territory, something is wrong with you. And we gonna get this fixed today in Jesus name. So let that holy boldness rise up in you and say not today, not my nation, not my neighborhood. Today is the day the kingdom of God is rising up in the people of God today. So if that’s you, you need a touch, you need to start moving around and get out from here and say the kingdom of God is on the move today. “Wake up, wake up, wake up.” Says the Lord.

Chuck Pierce – You need to call in the loaves that you sowed on the water last season. You need to call your bread coming in. You need to say, “Come in, bring a wave, bring a wave, bring a wave with the bread that I have cast on the water.”

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