Deferred Hope Is Breaking Off

Voices: Diane Roussel, Keith Pierce
Date Given: October 24, 2021

Diane Roussel – Many of you, my beloved, are on a precipice of making a decision that will affect not only your life, but the lives of those that I have called you to be in relationship with. Do not be hasty, but lean on Me and trust in Me and trust of My word because in the moment, I will bring to you the revelation that you need to be confident as you go forward in your tomorrows.

Keith Pierce – I was standing there before Diane came forth and gave that word, and the Lord kept showing me that there was people in our midst that had grown hopeless, that they have prayed and prayed and interceded and interceded, and what they had hoped for and prayed for just did not occur. And I was sitting there and I was praying and the Lord reminded me, that we’re seated in heavenly places with Him and so many times we forget that. And we see that we are on this earth fighting a battle that is almost overwhelming to us. So today, if you have entered in and prayed and prayed and prayed, and that one thing has not broke through, that victory has not come, I want you to lift your hands up. Yeah, just lift them up. And if you’re joining us by web, just lift them up. And I tell you why, now get them up, get them up.

Because you must see today, that God is breaking off deferred hope. I saw it as clear as a bell in that word she just released deferred hope is being broken. A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit is rotten to the bone. Now I want you to lift up your hands and I want you to put the other hand, grab hold to somebody. So many times we go through life thinking that we’re alone and much afraid. And we look and we think I can’t do this anymore. The hopelessness, the drudgery, the misery, the shame, the condemnation is too much for me to handle. Today is a day, He is breaking deferred hope, He is restoring faith, restoring hope and restoring love that will bring a change to you individually. And it we’ll bring a change to your families and to your friends.

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