Do Not War Against My Identity for You

Voices: Keith Pierce
Date Given: March 5, 2023

Keith Pierce – All my life, I’ve been considered a black sheep I’ve been called a black sheep. I kid Chuck that he got saved in my mother’s womb and got baptized when her water broke. He always did what he was supposed to, when he was supposed to, with whom he was supposed to. And I never did. I always was the other brother. So, when I got saved, I believe without a shadow of a doubt God was saving me to make me a white sheep. And I spent one complete year of my life praying, asking to become a white sheep. And at the end of that one year, I was at the dentist office and picked up a article out of the Smithsonian Institute and it was about black sheep. And black sheep, when they are put in a flock, it’s an abnormality. But they have a different bleat, they have a different voice than others. And I begin to read this and I’m sitting in the dentist’s office. And I begin to read this and the presence of God came down over me. He said, “Why do you war with what I created in you in the womb for you to become?” He said, “Why don’t you ask Me not to change you, but to redeem you?” He said, “Because in the redemption, I can make you the best black sheep that you can possibly be, that you can receive all the glory and the honor and the praise.”

How many of you here think you’re a black sheep? Lift up your hands. What I learned, keep your hands up, what I learned as I went on, in this family, God has been very gracious in saving Chuck, Penny Kay, and myself. And here we stand. But all three of us have different voices. And all three of us hear God differently. And all three of us release differently. I want you to lay hands on your voice box. And it’s just like when Michelle was talking to somebody on the webcast. Get up and quit your whining because God has given you a voice someplace, somewhere, in some time, if you’ll let Him redeem it. Today is the day He is come to redeem what He created in the womb. Yeah, let it go, let your voice go. A voice will part a mountain. A voice will part a sea. A voice will cut a pathway, not only for you, but for me. Let your voice be heard and let it be redeemed because the redeeming power of God is in the house today.

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