Enter Into Your New Decade of Blossoming

Voices: Chad Foxworth, Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Keith Pierce
Date Given: June 4, 2023

Chad Foxworth – Chuck, he told us weeks ago, probably a few months ago, do y’all remember? He told us that this is our mantle for the future? Well, we went to our world renowned tailor out of Thailand and we wanted to make him a shirt like this. But he came back with three shirts and I asked the Lord, I said, Lord, what are you saying in these three shirts? He says that this is Chuck’s story. This first shirt represents his radiant salvation. Arise and shine, your light has come. Say, arise and shine! This next shirt represents the seeds that he has sown all over the world. Chuck has been to over 160 nations. He’s covered a lot of ground, so this represents the seeds that he has sown. But this shirt, this shirt he will see on the other side of his 70th. If you notice, you see flowers blooming, and the Lord says to you, CP, Chuck Pierce, on this side of 70, you will see change. You will see the change we have sung this morning. You will see the nations bloom. You will see the nations flourish and you will breathe in the aroma of freedom. This is His promise to you, His loyal servant. We speak this over him today in Jesus’ name.

Keevy Phillips – Chad had no idea that this morning for Chuck’s birthday, I prayed Psalms 126. And it says that, when you sow in tears, you’ll reap in joy. And it says that when you are reaping all these tears that you’ve sown all these years, all the time, all the lavish giving that you’ve given, the Lord says, as you are going forth, across this threshold in time, I am going to allow you to see many things that you’ve wished to see. I’m gonna allow you to see many people come back into the fold that you’ve longed to come back into the fold. And the Lord says that there are many people that you have not even met yet, that they’re still out there for you to meet, the nation still have need of you, says the Spirit of the Lord. And the Lord says that as you cross over and you are leading us with you, the Lord says, you have just begun to see the harvest that is ripe for you, says the spirit of the Lord. We send you forth into your next level of fatherhood, your next level of ministry, but your next level of reaping in Jesus’ name

Keith Pierce – Y’all, extend your hands to Chuck. Chuck, stand right here and face the people. I might take one of those.

Chuck Pierce – No, no.

Keith – Hey, you know, I want y’all to extend your hands and I tell you why. Chuck and I have gotten to the age, that I know Chuck longer than anybody else on this earth. And you know, I’ve been with Chuck from birth to now, and we walked through a hell of a lot. You know, we walked through some rough times. I knew Chuck when he was lost. I knew Chuck when he decided to change a little Friendship Baptist Church, he and Ms. Grimes. I’ve known Chuck when the spirit of God came over him. I’ve known him in his sickness. I’ve known him in his fears. I’ve known him in his victories. I’ve known him in his defeats. And the thing that I want y’all to see, is that I couldn’t be more thankful for the older brother that God gave me. And I tell you why, when you look around and you’re not like Chuck, and I’m not like Chuck, and I was the other brother, and there was issues that I.

Chuck – He was the younger brother.

Keith – Yeah and there was things that I had to walk through And one thing there is a verse that says, love covers a multitude of sins. And I’ve walked with Chuck for almost 67 years now. And one thing that I can say about Chuck to me, to my sister, to his children, to this body, to the nation, is that the love that Christ put inside of Chuck has covered sin after sin, after sin. And he had a way of looking through the sins of our flesh and finding the inside revelation and the wisdom of the vision that God created us for. I want us to take this time to give a great big shout for what Christ gave us in Chuck.

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