Getting Unstuck From Old Belief Patterns!

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: August 21, 2022

Keith Pierce – So I want everybody to put your hand on your chest and I tell you why. As I stand up here, the Lord’s speaking to me over and over. “Hope deferred makes the heart grow weary.” And I was standing here and He said, “Belief works both ways. You can either believe in Me and see the fullness of My promises and what I’ve called you to be and come into, or you can believe the voice of the enemy and let it destroy you. Today is a day that I have come to correct the fragmentation of your belief system. And today is the day that I have come to restore your hope that your heart may grow strong again.”

Now this morning, I’m gonna ask LeAnn to sing over that one more time. I want you to put your hand right here. I want you to feel the beating of the heartbeat that He gave you. The Father sent His only begotten Son that whosoever believed in Him would not perish, but have living life. There’s living life in that heartbeat. There’s the fullness of His promises in that heartbeat. Christ gave His life freely that we could have life abundantly in that heartbeat. Do you feel it this morning? Do you see it healing your belief pattern? Because God has come today to help our unbelief and bring us into a place of hope, faith, and love, and the greatest is love. So as LeAnn takes us back into that one more time, listen to the beat that He’s given you and see how He’s fixing to restore your belief pattern.

Chuck Pierce – The easiest way to understand the word believe it’s like Velcro. What you believe, you’re gonna stick to. It’s real simple. And the word actually means adhere to, cling to, embrace as, be stuck to, therefore, if you believe a lie, you’re gonna be stuck to that lie. So I want us to do something before we sing this chorus one more time, put your hand on somebody and say, “God’s gonna unstick the things that you shouldn’t believe and He’s going to cohesively attach you to what you should believe.”

Look what Mary Ellen brought today. Only God could do this. Remember what I said the easiest way to understand believe is it’s like Velcro? She brought this today because the Lord, faith comes by hearing, hearing by the Word of the Lord and some way another God said that and He said, “Not only did I say it, I’m gonna make sure they see it.” Now you have girded yourself around your waist with certain things that you don’t need to believe. The Lord says, “I’m going to unstick those things on you.”

Keith Pierce – this morning, Chuck just told that. This morning when I reached over here and laid hands on her, it’s so bizarre. This is how Holy Spirit works. He said, “I’ve not rose you up for sudden calamity, but yet calamity is trying to form a belt around you. Undo the belt and break calamity and you will see My angels come in a way they’ve never came before. They come to war, they come to minister, take the belt off, put it on the ground and stand on it and break calamity.” So I’m gonna ask Chuck to throw that down and stand on it and say, “In the name of Jesus, let calamity break.”

Chuck Pierce – Right now you need to say, “Break that spirit of calamity off of me.” Some of you are struggling right now with all sorts of things coming against you. The Lord says, “Don’t agree, don’t agree, don’t agree with them. Break the spirit of calamity that is coming and put your feet upon it.” Now take a step and say, “I’m gonna stand on that that was trying to attach itself to me.” Let’s sing this again. Whether it’s sickness, whether it’s poverty, whether it’s religion, whether it’s fear, right now we say, “We are getting unstuck and those things that try to stick to us are being pulled off right now.”

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