I Am Breaking the Order of the Ox Cart

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: August 20, 2023

Keith Pierce – And the Lord would say to you and your family today, and the others that have gathered in my name, “Today is a day that I am breaking the order of the ox cart. Today is a day I am overthrowing the Elis, the sons of Eli’s, and even the Philistines and the Uzzahs that didn’t understand my order. Today is the day the oxcart is being turned over because the order of my presence is forming and the priesthood is being called to the house. And yes, you will see an ark of my present ushered in and when it ushers in the city will rejoice and the heat will be broken.”

Chuck Pierce – The Lord says to us today, “do not reach back to touch something that I am ready to bring forward. I say to you, let it come forth in the way that I am bringing it forth because this is a day to break death and bring forth a glory you have never seen before. Don’t reach back, grab hold, follow and watch me work on your behalf.”

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