I Am Burning the Rock of the Hard Place

Voices: Brian Kooiman, Chuck Pierce, Hunter Spear, Rebecca Greenwood, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: January 29, 2023

Becca Greenwood – And I hear the Lord saying that in this time, that He is causing you to burn, burn, burn in a whole new way for the Holy Spirit era. And He says he’s coming to the rock of the hard place. And in the rock of the hard place of the altar He is taking His staff, as the angel of the Lord did for Gideon. And He is touching those hard places on the altar. And a consuming fire is coming up up the rock to consume the hard places of the past season because you will burn, burn, burn, burn, burn with the new consuming fire of the Holy Spirit era. What the enemy meant for harm in the past season He’s consuming it on the alter of the hard place and consuming you with the fire of destiny.

Chuck Pierce – And the Lord says, I’m blowing in under your embers that are there. I’m blowing in under ’em and it’s gonna cause a uprising within you. And the Lord says, “Open your mouth and you’ll be stronger than the dragon that’s been breathing against you.”

Robyn Vincent – And I hear the Lord saying He is coming to those hard places because this is the place that you created in Isaac. But He said, “I am coming to the altar so that you can lay down.” I’m sorry, Ishmael, “so that you can lay down your Ishmael. I am calling you back to the fire so that I can disrupt this cycle of you creating Ishmael all throughout the earth. “For I know the plan that I have for you,” says the Lord, “and the plan belongs to Isaac.” The plan does not belong to Ishmael. So the Lord says, “Come back to the altar. Put your Ishmael on the altar so that you can see Me demonstrate My holiness.” It is My plan. It is My holiness. “It is My purpose”, says the Lord, “that you are a part of.” So come back with your desire and lay it on the altar so we can see Isaac brought forth.

Chuck Pierce – Now this is a word from the Lord. What it’s saying is, that good thing that you’ve created, The Lord said, “I allowed that for a season. But I say once you lay that down you’re going to get the blessings that will go generation after generation to generation.” Lay down the beginning of that inheritance that you thought you had so you can go into the multiplication of the next season.

Brian Kooiman – And, Chuck, Hunter (Spear) had a word that she saw- Turn around and face the camera. Hunter asked me to share that when we started to talk about the fire, she said the baptismal, she saw it and she said the baptismal is on fire. The baptismal is on fire. The baptismal is on fire.

Chuck Pierce – Raise that door. Raise that door. Raise that door and speak to it.

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